Thinking about a summer home in Cashiers NC?

A beautiful image of the blue ridge mountains - captured by Wes Hicks

The Highlands, Cashiers, and Sapphire area of the North Carolina mountains is very popular amongst those who have the means and want a place to escape the summer heat.

High up in the blue ridge mountains a little under a 3-hour drive from Atlanta, the Highlands and Cashiers area is the perfect spot to own a summer home. The excellent weather and natural beauty create the perfect contrast for those still competing with busy professional lives in the city. It's the perfect place to disconnect.

Summers in Highlands and Cashiers

Spring and fall are beautiful, but summers in Highlands and Cashiers are absolutely perfect, with average temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the low 80s. Nestled in the southern Appalachian Mountains, the area enjoys a milder climate characterized by cool temperatures, low humidity, and refreshing mountain breezes.

However, it's important to note that the area experiences a significant seasonal change. Outside of Holiday gatherings at home, you won't find much to do as the whole area essentially shuts down in the winter. People may say it's great for year-round living, but the reality is: most of the restaurants and shops are closed this time of year even inside the private clubs.

If, like most, you're primarily interested in the region's vibrant outdoor activities, it's best to plan your visits during the spring, summer, or fall when the weather is more accommodating.

If all of this sounds nice but a little too far away from civilization there are several options depending on which direction you go, meaning north toward Waynesville, east toward Hendersonville.

Waterfall near Highlands and Cashiers by Kenny Gaines.

Outdoor Life

Where to begin? The area sits in the midst of 2 national parks in a temperate rainforest. Has thousands of miles of hiking and biking trails, lakes, and several fantastic golf courses. Brevard with its plethora of waterfalls is just a short trip towards Hendersonville which is another excellent place for day trips although slightly warmer due to the lower elevation.

Breathtaking Hiking Trails

The area is surrounded by the Nantahala and Pisgah national parks; you could hike for the rest of your life and never hit all the trails. Hundreds of spectacular waterfalls and swimming holes are within a 1hrs drive.

Lake Glenville Cashiers NC

Boating and the Lakes

Lake Glenville

The lake itself is the highest lake east of the Mississippi at 3,494 feet. Just 8 miles outside of Cashiers, it's not a very large lake with only 26 miles of shoreline but still plenty large enough for skiing, tubing, and kneeboarding.

Homes for sale on Lake Glenville can range from just under 1 million to 10 million+ and are hard to come by. Another reason it's best to talk with our buyer expert now is so that they can understand precisely what you're looking for and be ready to pounce when something comes up.

If the lake isn't your main draw but still interests you periodically, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the lake without having a home on the lake. There are boat rental options, a really nice public beach area, as well as areas to launch your kayak or paddle board.

Lake Toxaway

Lake Toxaway is a smaller, with 14 miles of shoreline, privately owned lake a little further down the mountain between Cashiers and Brevard. Only homeowners may use the lake so it's nice and quiet.

Homes for sale on Lake Toxaway range from just under 1 million to 7 million.


For dining, there are several options in terms of small "mom and pop" restaurants and private clubs with restaurants, but again these places shut down during the winter. These are very small towns so you obviously won't have all the fine dining options as a larger city, but the restaurants cater to a higher-end clientele and do a nice job of keeping the menus delicious.

Mountaintop golf club Highland Cashiers NC

Golf in Paradise

There are plenty of world-renowned private golf communities in the area, like Wade Hampton, Mountaintop, Cullasaja Club and others but if you're only looking for the occasional round Sapphire National is nice place to spend a few hours.

Getting here

Driving from Atlanta should take you under 3 hours. The last hour or so are pretty curvy and take some getting used to but feeling the air get colder as you go up makes it all worth it.

Flying into NC Mountains


If you have a smaller prop plane, you can pop in and out of Jackson County Airport, but if you have a larger plane or jet, you will want to use the Asheville Airport.


Asheville, Knoxville, and Greenville all have direct flights into and out of various places across the country, but each come with an over 1 hr drive. When we chat we'll talk about where you're coming from so we can help you find the best route, and knowing how you plan to travel in, length of stay, are valuable components to helping you find the optimal property.

Places to stay

Old Edwards Inn is a great place to stay if you want to check out the area, but we can also help you find a rental in one of the communities if you want to experience it before you buy.

Homes for sale in Highlands and Cashiers

Owning a second home in the area will be a little different lifestyle than what you are likely used to at home. Large, comfortable outdoor spaces are a must because most of your time will want to be outside. Beginning with the crisp morning cup of coffee on the porch, a round of golf or hike, dinner at the outdoor kitchen, and ending with a cocktail by the firepit. How you and your family, plan to spend your time should be considered when finding the perfect spot.

Another important consideration is where in the area is best. Do you want to be in a private community or is it best to find a stand-alone property? Do you want a lake home or is a spectacular long-range mountain view and hiking trails at your doorstep more your style?

Private Communities

Keep in mind most private communities have their own dedicated sales staff who have the pitch perfected to emphasize the good and minimize the downsides of their community and are often heavily incentivized to sell specific properties.

There are tons of spectacular gated communities in Highlands and Cashiers but a few of the best-known would be:

  • Lake Toxaway Country Club
  • It's best to connect with our community expert so they can find exactly what you're looking for. They'll do all the work. After a better understanding of what you are looking for they can curate a tour so that you can experience the clubs without the sales pressure and find the perfect home for you.

    Luxury Rentals in Cashiers

    If you're looking for cash flow from your new luxury home, rentals are always in demand during the season with people willing to pay what a luxury property should demand. If this is an essential part of your decision-making process, let's discuss it first so that we can loop our luxury rental expert in so that they give you an idea of what property features are the most marketable.

    Building a home in the Highlands-Cashiers area

    Building in the area can be very time-consuming and expensive. The area is small and many of the craftsmen that are needed to build a large home often have to travel in from Asheville or Greenville areas. If you can find a home that fills most of your needs, and don't want to wait 2 plus years for a home, it might be best to jump on it. If you have the perfect home envisioned and want to custom-build, we'll help you find the perfect homesite in the perfect community and connect you with the best builder that fits your style.