The Best Southeastern Florida Waterfront Communities

This is a photo of a marina at Boynton Beach, Florida. There is a boat driving through the slew with a water trail behind it.

Florida's East Coast is home to arguably the world's most wealthy waterfront communities. Whether you're looking for a new home or vacation property on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, these six neighborhoods should be on your list.

This article will give you an overview of each community, including its location, resort-style amenities, and property kinds. We'll also highlight some of the distinctive qualities that distinguish each neighborhood. Let's get started!

The Grand Harbor

Grand Harbor is a private, gated neighborhood in Vero Beach, Florida, on the Indian River Lagoon. It is a lovely community recognized for its breathtaking views, pristine beaches, and championship golf courses.

Grand Harbor residents have access to a private beach club, a marina with boat berths, a clubhouse with various eating options, tennis courts, and a fitness facility. Single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums are available, and each is constructed with luxurious finishes and high-end features.

With two championship golf courses and a marina with direct access to the Indian River Lagoon, Grand Harbor is an ideal neighborhood for golfers and boaters alike.

Harbour Ridge Yacht and Country Club

Harbour Ridge Yacht and Country Club is a lovely Palm City, Florida community located on the north fork of the St. Lucie River. The community is well-known for its world-class golf courses, designed by some of the world's top golf course architects.

In addition to golf, Harbour Ridge homeowners can enjoy tennis, boating, and a full-service marina. The neighborhood provides a variety of property types, including single-family homes, condos, and townhomes.

Harbour Ridge is also noted for its excellent eating options and social events, which allow residents to connect with their neighbors and enjoy the good life.


Loblolly is a lovely, private beachfront community near Hobe Sound, Florida. The community is well-known for its breathtaking ocean vistas and Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, which is regarded as one of the best in the world.

World class amenities like tennis courts, a private beach club, and a full-service marina are all available to Loblolly residents. Single-family homes and condos with premium finishes and high-end features are among the property types available.

The neighborhood also features a fitness center and culinary alternatives, allowing members to live a healthy and affluent lifestyle.

Ocean Reef Club

Ocean Reef Club, located near Key Largo, is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Southeast Florida. It is a beautiful community with over 2,500 acres and various services and activities for its members.

The community has two championship golf courses, a private airfield, and a marina with boat berths. Residents of Ocean Reef Club can enjoy tennis, a private beach, and a fitness center in addition to golf and boating. Single-family houses, condominiums, and townhomes are also available, all with premium finishes and high-end features.

Ocean Reef Club is an ideal community for anyone seeking a life of luxury and exclusivity.

Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club

The Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club is a magnificent Boca Raton, Florida community. It is well-known for its outstanding golf course created by Jack Nicklaus and its marina with boat facilities. The neighborhood also features a fitness facility, a variety of food options, and a variety of social events and activities, giving residents all they need to live a magnificent lifestyle.

Single-family homes and condos with premium finishes and high-end features are among the property types available. The Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club is ideal for anyone seeking the best in golf, boating, and luxury living.

Sailfish Point

Sailfish Point is a private neighborhood with oceanfront homes in Stuart, Florida. It is a magnificent community with a golf course created by Jack Nicklaus, a full-service marina, and a private beach club. Tennis courts, a fitness center, and various food alternatives are all available to Sailfish Point residents. Single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes are all available, with luxurious finishes and high-end features.

Sailfish Point is an ideal neighborhood for anyone who enjoys golf, boating, and the beach since it provides homeowners with everything they need to live an active and luxurious lifestyle. The community is also recognized for its breathtaking vistas and natural beauty, making it an ideal location for anyone who enjoys being outdoors.

Altogether, these six communities provide some of the most luxurious living alternatives in Southeast Florida. Each neighborhood has something unique, from championship golf courses to private beaches.

While shopping for a new home or vacation property, location, resort-style amenities, property kinds, unique features, membership options, and pricing are all key factors to consider. There is something for everyone in these towns, with various options.

Visit each neighborhood and explore to see which is the most excellent fit for you. We hope this guide has provided valuable insights and information to make searching for a luxury waterfront community in Southeast Florida easier and more pleasurable.


Q: What is the best waterfront luxury community in Southeast Florida?

A: Your interests and lifestyle will determine the perfect neighborhood for you. Each of the six communities we've featured has features and amenities, so it's crucial to visit them all and determine which one feels the most like a good fit for you.

Q: Can non-residents use these communities' amenities?

A: Certain amenities may be available only to residents, while others may be available to members or guests. It is essential to contact each municipality to find out what possibilities are available.

Q: Are these neighborhoods affordable?

A: Because these are luxury neighborhoods, the prices are more extravagant. But there are various property types available at various price ranges, so you should be able to find something that matches your needs.

Overview and Location

All six of these communities are in Southeast Florida, with Grand Harbor and Harbour Ridge Yacht and Country Club on the east coast and the other four in the Keys and Palm Beach districts on the west coast. These communities glide along the Atlantic Ocean and are conveniently near Palm beach, Vero beach, and Delray beach. Because each community has its distinct setting and lifestyle, it is critical to consider geography while selecting a neighborhood.

Activities and Amenities

Each of these communities has a variety of amenities and activities to keep residents, and members occupied. Golf is a prominent sport in many of these places, and several championship courses are nearby.

Boating and water sports are extremely popular, and several neighborhoods include marinas and private beaches. These communities also have tennis courts, workout centers, and social activities.

Distinctive Characteristics

Each of these communities has distinguishing characteristics that set it apart. Ocean Reef Club, for example, has its private airport, while Loblolly has oceanfront direct access.

Jack Nicklaus built the golf course at Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club, and Grand Harbor offers a private beach club. Before selecting a community, consider what aspects are most important to you.

Price and Membership

Membership and pricing differ by community, with some charging initiation fees and annual dues. It is critical to understand the costs associated with each neighborhood and ensure that they are within your budget. Many communities also have varying degrees of membership, so think about which best meets your needs.


If you're looking for a luxury waterfront development in Southeast Florida, these six are a terrific place to start. Each community has its lifestyle and amenities, so it's vital to determine which is the most excellent fit for you.

There is something for everyone in these communities, with various property types and pricing points accessible.

Please get in touch with us if you're craving classic coastal living and want information on owning property in any of these exclusive gated properties located in Southwest Florida.