Luxury Living in Coastal North Carolina

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The coastal towns of North Carolina boast beautiful island barrier beach scenes with amazing coastlines. The great area with tree-lined streets and unique historic homes is ideal for a retirement home for city living. 

The houses and amenities around this place offer a luxurious life. There are plenty of beachfront activities, such as swimming, fishing, sailing, and beachcombing. If you're retiring and looking for an ideal place to stay, the coastal towns of North Carolina are a great option. If you are looking for a luxury community to retire to, this guide explains why Coastal North Carolina is the best pick. 

What's it Like Living in Coastal North Carolina?

You should consider living in any beach town on the North Carolina Coast. This is because the cost of living is affordable in these towns. Depending on their budget, individuals can live in preferred towns like Ocean Isle Beach or Nags Head. 

You can engage in outdoor activities like hiking on well-maintained trails without spending much money. The residents of this area have diverse cultural backgrounds, while the mild weather experienced during the year is favorable to most people. 

You will also have access to better amenities on the North Carolina Coast, such as hospitals and high-end spas, all put together to ensure you experience luxurious living.

Metropolitan Cities

You can easily access different metropolitan cities within Coastal North Carolina. The towns are accessible through various means, like water, road, or air. The cities where you can build your home are:


Edenton is one of the biggest cities in Coastal North Carolina that will enable you to thrive. It has historical homes and buildings and over 500 years old bald cypress trees. The serene environment here will give you peaceful days and the luxurious lifestyle everyone wishes for in old age.

Nags Head

You can also build your home in Nags Head and live luxuriously in the family-friendly area. You will have access to the malls and beach shops for all your shopping needs. If you love water activities, you can spend some time on the water fishing on the fishing piers like Janette’s pier. 

For those who love to spend time outdoors while keeping fit, running or walking in the State Park will be the best thing you can do. Don’t forget to enjoy the dunes and break from boring indoor fun activities. The city's downtown area is ideal for business and commerce. 


Wilmington is another metropolitan city where you can establish your retirement home along the Atlantic Ocean. The Wilmington area is full of luxurious homes for sale. The evergreen area will enable you to enjoy your senior years while engaging in different fun activities. 

The Climate of Coastal North Carolina

The climate in this region is favorable enough to allow you to stay healthy and happy. During summer, it's hot and muggy. Summer provides a perfect opportunity for your family to relax on your coastal beach home while enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean.  You can watch the sunset in the west over the calm Atlantic Ocean waters during the summer.

The winter in this region is shorter but cold, wet, and sometimes cloudy in the year. The temperature of this area ranges between 36 degrees Fahrenheit and 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, there are instances when the temperature can fall between 25-90 degrees Fahrenheit, though this is rare. After you retire, you will enjoy 200 days of sunlight if you live in Coastal North Carolina. 

Luxury Dining on the Coast

When you want to experience luxurious life outside your home in Coastal North Carolina, the dining spots come in handy. You can visit romantic restaurants on the NC coast and spend quality time with your loved ones. Alternatively, you can spend your time along the beaches for beautiful views and finger-licking seafood. 

If your home doesn't offer incredible sunrise or sunset views, the coastal beach restaurants will provide you with breathtaking views. Shop around for your preferred dining spot that matches your budget. 

Then plan to visit the restaurants for dinner dates or beach days for great seafood. It's best to visit different restaurants within Coastal North Carolina to have different experiences and discover new places.

Outdoor Activities

If you choose the North Carolina coast for your retirement home, you will appreciate the vast outdoor activities you can engage in. You can visit the equestrian communities or the museum around this place. The places to go for outdoor activities include:

Carolina Beach Greenway Trail

If you love hiking or walking along the beach, the Carolina Beach Greenway trail is your place to be. The trail goes through the forest and is a good choice for the whole family as it allows for all skill levels.

Carolina Beach State Park

Another hiking trail to consider is Carolina Beach State Park. The trail is well-maintained, with good tree cover. It's easy to hike on this trail, which has natural resting points. You will also see some wildlife while on the trails and have an opportunity to capture great photos.

North Pond Wildlife Trail

If you love birdwatching and hiking, the best trail to visit for outdoor activities is the North Pond Wildlife Trail. It hosts more than 400 bird species and beautiful nature for great photos. You can also walk along the freshwater pond and interact with nature.

The Coastal North Carolina Museum

The museum you can visit in this area is the Museum of Coastal Carolina. When not in the mood to stay indoors, take some time in this place to relax your mind. It has a wildlife display in the green swamp diorama. 

You will also interact with different people when going through the reef gallery. The antique fishing equipment and the American bald eagle are in this place.

Meet Me on the Golf Course

You will also be able to join golfing communities on this region's beautiful nearby golf courses. Visit Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf, River Landing, or The Grass Golf Course for the best golfing experience. 

You can also sample other golf courses depending on your location and preferences. Exercising and relaxing your mind at these golf courses will allow you to make friends and interact with influential people from within.

Why You Should Consider Choosing Coastal North Carolina for your Second Home

As a retiree, consider having a home in Coastal North Carolina because it has a beautiful natural coastline. Coastal North Carolina keeps retirees active in their old age while exploring different outdoor areas. 

The climate is also favorable most of the year, and it's easier to move around Coastal North Carolina. The roads are accessible, and there are enough airports and ports. The healthcare services are also available throughout the region and are well-equipped. What else are you looking for in a retirement home?

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